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Newt's January Surprise

ABC News will air on Nightline this evening an interview with Newt Gingrich ex-wife Marianne. This decision wreaks of foul play -- on a number of fronts.

How is ABC News to verify -- or even investigate -- anything Ms. Gingrich has said before the cameras? The interview, according to Matt Drudge, took place earlier this week, leaving the news organization little time to fact-check, assuming it would want to at all.

When, exactly, does Mr. Gingrich respond? With the South Carolina primary just days away and no knowledge of what Ms. Gingrich has said, Mr. Gingrich has precious little time to craft a relevant response and communicate with his supporters -- let alone undecided voters he'll need to swing the South Carolina primary his direction. Instead, Mr. Gingrich will be forced to respond with negative references: to the timing of the interview, to the credibility of his ex-wife, and to any other factor that may mitigate the damage about to unfold. None of this will be of service to primary voters in South Carolina or elsewhere.

Finally, what can Ms. Gingrich reveal that is material to her ex-husband's campaign? Mr. Gingrich's marital history, and the events that led up to each divorce, are well known with the public. Even his personality, by now, is understood by voters, for good or for bad. What can she tell the public that will influence their votes in South Carolina, Florida, and nearly 50 MORE primaries thereafter?

To be sure, ABC News's decision to air Ms. Gingrich's story of marriage and divorce will paint Mr. Gingrich in a poor light. But given her choice of timing, the inability for any independent news source to verify or even investigate her story before the next votes take place, the inherent unfairness in what response time Mr. Gingrich will have before the next votes, and the probable "dirty laundry" component to her story, the entire situation smells.

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